Worlds Greatest Warplanes

1h 11m

From the very beginning, aviation's pioneers believed that the aircraft's future lay in its military uses. That was where the money lay and so that was where the pioneers pitched their products. The problem was that their designs could barely carry a man more than a few yards and so many military commanders were sceptical about aviation's real potential as a weapon of war. But, by 1918, aviation had proved itself and all countries has burgeoning air forces.

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Apollo Astronauts: Training NASA's Moon Men

52m 31s

In 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface and into the history books as the first of only twelve men to walk on the Moon. But in 1961 when Kennedy pledged to put a man on the Moon, NASA had barely put a man into orbit. They had less than 10 years to train a team of astronauts to overcome the unknown challenges of a mission to the Moon. What followed was a rigorous, intense training period that put America’s first astronauts through their paces.

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Plane Resurrection - Huey

51m 17s

The legendary Vietnam-era helicopter takes to the air in a pristine war-veteran example, and we learn the astonishing story of an aircraft blown up by its own missiles, and a wounded co-pilot went on to found a world-leading charity.

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The Aviators - 1. Milestones/RVing Pilots

24m 46s

They say “the process of learning to fly makes you better at… everything.” So while the obvious goal seems to be getting a license, there are actually many other little goals you can achieve and benefit from along the way. Then we introduce a new host: a popular RVer who explores the curious overlap of those who long to explore in the air as well as on the road.

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Arts and Backstages: Aerobatics

26m 00s

This film is about an encounter. An encounter between 2 worlds, they don’t know about each other, at least not enough. Is there anything more different than the air force and contemporary dance? An air force pilot and a ballerina? These preconceptions need to be squashed, knocked over, overthrown.

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The Red Arrows Story

1h 20m

For over 40 years The Red Arrows have been thrilling crowds at air shows both across the UK and internationally. They are quite simply the best at what they do. The Red Arrows, officially the Royal Air Force Display Team, are the public face of the RAF, formally promoting recruitment, as well as providing inspiration to significant numbers of those who join the Royal Air Force.

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