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Plane Resurrection - Skyraider

50m 55s

Developed just too late for WW2, it was called an aerial anachronism - a piston engine warplane in a world of jets and missiles. However, it was to come into its own during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

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Plane Resurrection - Spitfire

50m 50s

A look at a beautifully restored example of the later, clipped-wing version of the legendary fighter-plane flown by Czech refugee pilots in the UK during wartime, featuring long-unseen test and operational footage.

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Plane Resurrection - Huey

51m 17s

The legendary Vietnam-era helicopter takes to the air in a pristine war-veteran example, and we learn the astonishing story of an aircraft blown up by its own missiles, and a wounded co-pilot went on to found a world-leading charity.

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Resurrecting a Legend

1h 22m

On the night of June 5th, 1944, a C-47 paratrooper aircraft, nicknamed That’s All, Brother took off from England, to drop Allied fighting men into Normandy, to clear a passage for the tens of thousands of troops lying off the coast. Despite surviving dozens more missions, post war she disappeared. The C-47 that led the invasion armada was either destroyed in Europe, shipped home and broken for parts, or worse still, scrapped and melted.

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