Under the Wings

52m 35s

One may decide to leave because one has never traveled or, on the contrary, one may choose to travel because one left too often. After traveling the world without seeing it, an airline pilot decides to ride his bicycle following the airway from the airport of Guangzhou (China) to Paris CDG (France).

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Crossing Iceland

52m 00s

Jerome Josserand is a professional snow kiter. In 2007 he set the world record for the highest kite flight. It was 450 m above the ground. Jerome is in love with wind and its power to use it to mount high mountains. His home is a place called Col du Lautaret which is also his playground. On his way he found Iceland. He noticed that there is snow and wind all the time. And he thought:”

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Arts and Backstages: Aerobatics

26m 00s

This film is about an encounter. An encounter between 2 worlds, they don’t know about each other, at least not enough. Is there anything more different than the air force and contemporary dance? An air force pilot and a ballerina? These preconceptions need to be squashed, knocked over, overthrown.

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